were they psychic

Were they Psychic, or did they know? It is hard to believe that the knowledge was so accurate, the timing was so precise, and the preparations were already put in place. Why do we see smiles on faces, discussions of how to prepare, and such exact discussions regarding such a situation as we have recently experienced?

What do you think? Were they psychic –? When we talk about consciousness matters, what does that mean? Does it mean that those we recently trusted, had psychic abilities to be able to prepare so intently for our recent surprise of such health issues that affected the entire planet? A truly consciously aware person might have a sense that there is something a bit off with that scenario. Even a slightly aware individual might begin to have questions. Could there have been a Plan? Was there a well-thought-out execution of a plan of action, with particular actions taken at particular times to ensure the public would react as expected? You might find the following link very helpful in making your discernment about such an assumption, without being called a “Conspiracy Theorist”. A link to help you decide and make your own discernment.

When The Puzzle Pieces Fit Together Perfectly –

Were They Psychic – Or Was It Planned That Way?

How Could They Know So Many Years In Advance?

are they psychic

For the Consciously Aware individual-

The Questions arise -How do these people know in advance? Why are they preparing us years ahead? Why are they telling us and why is it so important to instill these fearful thoughts so far ahead?

As we learned from the video, the preparations were made years ahead of the events.

Were They Psychic?

The messages are pointing to the answer.

were they psychic - No

With Each Passing Day, we learn more about “The Plan”. What the intentions are, the goals set out by “The Plan” and why we have been manipulated into the situations that have been part of “The Plan”.

It is up to us now.

Our own discernment is more important than ever.

The answer you choose comes from your heart. The future control of our lives is the decision in front of all of us. Conscious choice, freedom, and personal beliefs will help you find your own answers. Ask your higher power to help you through prayers, intuition, and direct answers to your questions.

Part of Discernment about Information like this comes from serious research on different subjects. We live in a time when Research is extremely more important than before regarding decision-making.

My Advice: Prayers and a lot of Self Introspection. Meditation and using positive affirmations help to move your energy to more positive levels.

Remember: Fear is a weapon for the Enemy

This is a war between dark and light -Stay in your Beliefs

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

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