Time & Our Consciousness

Time, Inner Consciousness, Hopis

What Did The Hopis Try to Tell Us About The Future and

Our Inner Consciousness/Awareness?

Many of us are experiencing a sense that time is speeding up. As we do a little research, we learn that the Hopi indians have left us information to help us navigate this time period of change. Our consciousness and awareness of time feels like every day moves more rapidly; but why would that be, and how do we navigate this speeding up of our daily lives?

Gregg Braden gives us information to help us navigate this period of our human lives, by offering us the knowledge that he has discovered from the Hopi Culture.

Hopi Shamanic Teachings Gives Us Insight Into Our Future

“As Above – So Below”

“As Within – So Without”

The Hopis are showing us that we are experiencing a time of change in our universe and we must be adaptable to this time of change to move with grace through this period.

As mentioned in the video, it is no longer a time of being the “lone wolf” but we need to learn to move into a more communal time of working together as one.

As This Time Of Change Proceeds, Our Inner Consciousness Needs to Awaken To The Truth:

“We are the ones we are waiting for”.

Instead of living our lives disconnected to our own responsibilities in this world, the Hopis understood the importance of those of us living on this lovely planet, to open our minds to the fact that our own inner consciousness needs to expand to these truths.

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The Importance Of The Visit By The Hopis To The United Nations in 1998

The visit to the United Nations from the Hopi Indians in 1998 was an attempt by our Indian brothers to help members of such an expansive organization to understand and put effort into the knowledge that these people see as vital to the saving of our planet and those of us living upon it. Unfortunately, many of those individuals participating in the UN group adhere to the principals of violence, competition, control and conflict, not cooperation, divine grace and mutual aid, which is nature’s way. This is why we are experiencing these negative effects of war and conflicts we see today.

Change in our world is inevitable. We must learn more about how to experience our higher consciousness and learn to work together for our mutual well-being and the survival of our world.

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Our Pineal Gland is within us and is considered the Seat of our Soul.

Using the tools of Meditation, Prayer, Gratitude, and expressions of Love, Strength and Balance, we can connect our consciousness to “nature’s way”. This has been proven through science. It is up to us to connect our inner being with our higher level of consciousness in order to move through these changes with the divine grace we have been given.

Nature Reminds Us

Co-operation Has Proven To Be A Scientific Truth of Survival.

Photo from Roar Wildlife News- (May 4) -Facebook

Two years ago CNN released a photo taken by the photographer Anil Prabhaker in the forest in Indonesia. The image shows an orangutan, currently under threat of extinction, while stretching out his hand to help a geologist who fell into a mud pool during his search. When the photographer uploaded the photo, he wrote this as a caption:

There is a Great Awakening among many of us today. As each of us experiences their own challenges, we also learn more truth about what is happening around us and why. Some people have been aware of the truth for a very long time and others are being guided slowly to a new awareness. Everyone is on their own journey. Helping others is part of our journey.

The Hermetic Philosophy of Cause and Effect and Scientific Truth.

As Gregg has shown us through scientific research, we are seeing this rhythm of life begin to work together, even in the tiny organisms within our bodies. We are also seeing nature’s living creatures that live on this planet with us, are also working together more and more for the sake of each other’s survival.

The speed at which we are seeing change happen and requiring us to take more conscious control of our actions, makes it evident that as we are experiencing these changes, we need to have a more expanded level of consciousness. As mentioned earlier, it is no longer a time of being “a lone wolf”, but a community of working together for the good of all.

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This is Called A Crop Circle –

Could We Be Receiving A Message From Beyond Our Earth’s Surface?

(Your Discernment Matters)

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