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The Great Awakening is Spreading Worldwide.

The way this Great Awakening is spreading worldwide, perhaps we will see peace happen as the truth of the deception begins to surface from the lies.

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Last night, we saw Vladimir Putin talk of a world without war. Throughout all these many years, and all the wars that so many countries have experienced, firsthand, leaving towns, villages, and families devastated; this was the first time I have heard a leader promote peaceful interaction, over war. Truth is coming out at this time of the Great Awakening.

People are beginning to get a truthful understanding of who and why war has been prevalent for so many years. When human beings begin to recognize that the world’s problems and differences have been created, through lies and deception, by those with evil and controlling intent, will we see a shift of awareness. The awareness of understanding that we are “All One”, created by a creator that loves us,is truly what we all need to know and recognize.

Discovering that we possibly might be living in a world that is dominated by those who think they should be in control of all others, can be difficult to grasp. It is truly a “hard pill to swallow” but it looks like we have been trusting an illusion.

great awakening, human beings, consciousness

The sad truth is a number of us, “We The People” are very trusting. Many of us have believed what mainstream media has been showing and telling us for years. We thought our elections were truthful and that those we elected had good intentions for those of us, called “We The People”.

In reality, we have been stripped of our God-given rights and have been victims of usury and fraud by the very government we founded.

This is a realization that can be like a punch in the face. Many of us have believed what mainstream media has been showing and telling us for years. We thought our elections were truthful and that those we elected had good intentions for those of us, called “We The People”. Unfortunately, their intentions were not good for the majority of us, as we are learning almost daily.

Learning The Truth is The Great Awakening

Now that we know the truths that have been hidden from us for so many years, what do we do? Discernment is not a word that I used much in my earlier life, but it is a word that is of great importance in today’s world. Each of us is finding it is important for us to take time to absorb and integrate before we decide the best approach to the situation we find ourselves in after our personal, great awakening. If you are anything like me, many emotions are involved in this process.

I read a beautiful story in an online magazine today and feel it is an appropriate article to end this writing with today: You can read the article yourself. It is from: Motivate

great awakening, human beings, consciousness.

There is a bond with all of us. Some people recognize the importance of the bond of all beings from one creator. These children are definitely in touch with an important part of themselves. The more in touch we are with these aspects of ourselves, the more we are in touch with what makes us very special and needed in this world of change.


Welcome to the World of The Great Awakening. Finding out who we are as human beings living in a world of change and discovering our importance within that change.

great awakening, consciousness, human beings

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

Sharing the positive side of this change is important. The Truth has not been easy to learn. Supporting each other, even in little ways, is important. This should be the time we recognize, it is our time to change to support each other. The world that is dissolving is the world of the bankers and those who only have contempt in their hearts. This is what gives “We The People of The World” our strength to win and create World Changes as we want to experience them.

Ideas such as living by God’s Laws and working together for Peace in our entire World.

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We love sharing ideas for positive changes and hope you will find interesting, positive, information to help you move through the changes we are experiencing in our world. Many people have discovered new directions and even what they might consider Their Life Purpose.

Living in a world of illusion has affected all of us in some way.

Remember: What they say about Truth!

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