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America’s freedoms were the topic of concern when the original forefathers took the time to write The Declaration of Independence. Originally written and signed in 1776 by a young country of men who wanted to ensure freedom for those of us living in the United States of America for years to come. They understood that keeping the Republic of America safe and secure for lifetimes to come, would be difficult to guarantee throughout the years. Even the comment that Benjamin Franklin made after signing his name to the document indicated that Americans would need to be vigilant for our freedoms to stay intact over the many years ahead.

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America’s Freedoms for “We The People”, was in jeopardy from the very beginning from various outside influences that wanted to see America fail.

The Sad Truth is that by 1871, corruption had already been able to destroy the important work the founding fathers had written for our protection and the “We The People” were already being moved to the side by the corrupt system we are living under today, so many years later.

The Republic that our forefathers worked so hard to create for the future of America was changed from a land of Free, sovereign individuals, under the rule of God’s laws, to a democracy governed by unscrupulous outside governments only interested in wealth and control, with no appreciation for the laws of God, and who are driven by greed. Statutes have replaced laws, which means we are operating under legal (or unlawful authority), and no longer are we enjoying our Unalienable rights which were given to us at the time of our birth, by the creator that made each one of us.

freedoms, constitution, corruption

People have been Waking Up To This Deception, the movement toward a One-World Government, and they are beginning to show their Dedication to Living without the tyranny of corruption, that has been quietly added to the governance our forefathers tried so hard to protect for us.

By using many deceptive processes, including control of our media, educational processes, and fear tactics these want-to-be controllers have found ways to deceive the public to control our daily narratives. However, once an individual learns of the Georgia Guidestones, Operation Paperclip, and the “Covid plandemic”; and then sees how Joe Biden is not interested in protecting our borders and citizens of the United States, many people have woken up to the deception that has befallen the entire world, not just the American people.

freedoms, constitution, corruption

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America’s Constitution Revisited in 2020 –

“We The People’s”

God-given Rights Revisited

freedoms, constitution, corruption

If you have not seen the video below, you might find it as an inspiring testament to the “We The People” that have finally been awakened to the history of our great country, the United States for America that our forefathers created so long ago to protect our God-given freedoms.

By standing together in 2020, the truth about corruption is out for all to see. It will take us sharing and banding together as one, sharing the truth to bring our country back from the edge of destruction.

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening is not only happening for us here in America but happening all around the globe. The goal is for the world to awaken to the truth that many of us have never known about our
Countries and the hidden agenda that have been planned for so long. Awakening societies all over the globe are realizing that the problems we are facing will take informed people to rise up and ……


With The Knowledge That We Have Available To Us Today, we can experience these World Changes, aware that we are preserving our freedoms together. We understand that the Time For Truth has come. The Great Awakening is a biblical period.

There is a saying I have heard before……………..

“Once I Was Blind, but Now I see”.

The Great Awakening brings Truth and Hope For The Future of Humanity.

God Bless and Stay Well During This Period of Change.

The great awakening, world changes,

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

May We All Experience The World of Freedom, Love, Beauty, and Prosperity together.

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The great awakening, world changes,

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