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Dolores Cannon was a woman who could explain our world in extremely intriguing ways. I listened to Dolores many times and her information always seemed inspirational, positive, and extremely enlightening about our journey on this earth and beyond.

In the following video, she describes the meaning of why some of us have the Letter M that shows very predominately in our hands. I have read different articles and find that when you consider how many past lives we might have already experienced, we have (hopefully) learned many lessons. Perhaps, the “Letter M” stands for ManyWe May Never Know!! Or, Maybe We Will!!

spiritual, past lives, Delores Canon, everlasting

The Akashic Records

Our Akashic Record is part of who we are and what we experienced over our past lives. Not all people believe in past lives, but it does make sense that, as humans, we might not get everything right the first time around on this planet. 🙂

This is how we build up karma.

Past Lives and Spiritual Reincarnation

Consider how long our world has been around and how many varied experiences you may have had along your journey. The possibilities become overwhelming to consider. We were told, as our Creator told us, that we have everlasting life. Our adventures could be numerous. I find the idea of chapters in a book, a good analogy, which feels comforting, as I ponder what lives I might have lived before.

dolores cannon, past lives, spiritual, everlasting.

Intuition & Psychic Abilities

Some individuals can sense changes or danger around them. Many people know when to avoid particular people or events and others recognize opportunities that may not appear to others as the opportune time. This is a skill that when we acknowledge it in others, we are sometimes amazed at their results. As mentioned, however, not all outcomes are as pleasing as we hope, no matter how many lifetimes we may have experienced. Life experiences can be challenging, no matter where you are in your reincarnation cycle. There are many times, though, when this intuition and psychic connection can help others and the individuals, just by being attuned to the information.

past lives, Dolores Cannon, spiritual, intuition,

Leadership and Success

Leadership and Success. When Leaders give their followers a sense of direction, confidence in their approach, and respect for their people to proceed, leaders can lead others to the success intended for the entire group.

The journey to success is something for the group to do co-operatively and proudly together.

The M Could Be: A Healer’s Mark

As an individual that may have lived multiple lifetimes, you have most likely experienced many trials or tribulations, on a personal level. Thus you have become well-equipped to sense the needs, concerns, and ups and downs of others. Through this experience, you may be adept at recognizing when others need special attention to healing problems. This may be physical or it may be in more of a psychological sense. Your experience can be vital in service, by helping others during this change.

Karmic Lessons & Life Challenges

Karmic Lessons from your past lives are experienced through a lifetime of learning. When we understand that life is about those lessons we need to learn, we experience life differently. Life challenges are those new opportunities for our learning and growth. Life may not be an easy journey in any of these lifetimes. There will always be ups and downs. Our growth and knowledge are the up-side of our experiences in any lifetime. There is always learning in life experiences that produce educational opportunities.

Individuals with the “Letter M” on their hands have experienced many different highs and lows, but there is always growth and knowledge at hand. The journey may not be easy, but the Creator has created an educational path for us, and each event teaches us something new.

Dorlores Cannon, past lives, everlasting,
Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

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