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Learning The Truth Gives You Strength

Consciousness is Awareness:

Learning the truth about the world we live in brings us closer to the solutions.

Thanks to Aaron Abke and Brandon Bozarth for sharing information that we can use.

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Learning the truth about the world we live in brings us closer to the solutions.

The process of learning more and more about the truth of the matrix can be extremely dramatic for some. The first inclination for me was I couldn’t believe the evilness I was learning about and how I  inadvertently supported the matrix happening around me. Most of us, as Adam said, cannot believe the truth (and; certainly, don’t want to believe this truth). However the more we investigate, the more we can no longer ignore………………… There is True Evil, whether we (inner-stand) that or not.

Consciousness=Awareness Learning the truth brings shocking revelations
Learning The Truth About The Matrix

In this time of change, your Consciousness is Awareness of the unseen and is a needed addition to our lives.

We are living in the midst of The Great Awakening. We recognize changes around us, every single day. The more we have our eyes opened, the more we know that we are here at a very important time period in history. We need to be Awake in order to exit the matrix around us. We don’t want to miss the positive changes coming to the planet, to the United States, the UK, plus many other countries, Some countries we have never heard of before this time. Many of us have been wondering what and how the changes have taken place without our knowledge of the changes around us. As we have learned now, this has been a long-term, planned effort. Many people have come and left us without ever learning this knowledge. We are living in a very special time, and we do have a purpose for being here at this time. Take time to pray and/or meditate to begin to learn your own truth of purpose.

Exiting this matrix where Evil resides is the Goal. Understanding that there are always two sides to every coin, we cannot have black without white, or even “good without bad” experiences.  Service-to-Self is the opposite of Service-to-Others and explains much about this “mirrored culture” that we are experiencing together.  However, we need to understand that where “Evil” is left in control, “Love” needs to be nourished in order to override what Evil has planned.  So as we move forward, each of us must strive to take control of those plans promoted to create chaos and more control by the evil parties. 

Prayer, Meditation, Service-to-others, and support for our fellow, “We The People”, wherever they live, help us to move forward from this Evil Matrix in order for our own exit and those around us. 

Consciousness=Awareness by learning the truth - Our new way of being and discerning what we see around us.

Find Out More About How To Exit This Matrix

Finding out what is behind the veil can truly be an eye-opening moment.  There is so much information that has been hidden.  The Agenda has been in place for many people’s entire lifetimes.  No matter your age, the truth is shocking.  For those younger generations, and those newly Awakened souls, especially, we should recognize how the infiltration has increased over the years and prepare ourselves to help them with the process needed to accept and move forward without fear or depression.  We are living in a very special time period in this evolution of life.

Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carrol for a young girl, named Alice Liddell.  Many of us have read or watched the movie.  It gives us a clue about something that may be hidden behind what we see around us.  Our knowledge of truth does bring us Consciousness in our Awareness”.  There is a similarity to what Alice experienced in the story.  This story, Alice in Wonderland, may be offering people an introduction to the veil that we have been living in for so many years. 

Today, we call it “The Matrix”.

Exiting the Matrix is about “Learning the Truth” about how our world truly operates.  It is very similar to Alice’s adventure and discovery of the truth about what has been purposely hidden from us for many years.  Learning The Truth brings us a new Awareness of our world.  We now must face the truth and decide what we want to do about it.  For many of us, the knowledge of how much evil is in control and has been in control of our beautiful planet, for so long; brings us a conscious desire to exit such an evil existence.  Thus, the idea of how we Exit this Matrix and create a new world of beauty, love, and gratitude becomes our focus.  

I hope you find Aaron and Brandon offer help for moving forward with a positive, enlightened, knowledgable approach to helping our world leave behind the deception that evil has brought to the world and step into creating the beautiful world that our Creator intended (no matter the name which you assign to the one that made you).  

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing. 

We appreciate what Aaron and Brandon are offering us.  Learning the truth in a loving, open, and unafraid environment is important for each of us to experience.  We are full of gratitude for them and others that are providing helpful information in this type of caring environment. 

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“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, widely beloved British children’s book by Lewis Carroll, published in 1865. With its fantastical tales and riddles, it became one of the most popular works of English-language fiction. It was notably illustrated by British artist John Tenniel.”

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