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The Plans and Visions of individuals who want to see A one-world government that is run by only a small group of people, but has been directing our world’s future for many, many years.

When plans and visions are laid out far in advance, the ideas are passed on for generations. I was told that many wealthier families have plans and visions for future generations to come. When we look at some of the more affluent families in society, we see property owned and even lived in for centuries.

Today’s society is transient. As we watch society change and more and more young people are opting for a more transient lifestyle, it is interesting to delve more deeply into the changes we have been seeing in worldwide societies over the years and wonder why society has changed so much over the years.

Delving into history we find plans that were developed long before we were born. Those with these types of plans have put time into their plans, along with creating strategies that go unnoticed over the years. Most of us don’t think with such extended long-term, manipulating intentions of control and so we don’t recognize the execution of the ideas that are so well planned out.

We The People Are The Ones We Are Waiting For!

The time is here for Justice – Truth – Freedom

New year changes in our freedom and our unalienable rights. We are learning the truth and becoming consciously aware

We The People Are The Ones

We Are Waiting For!

The time is here for

Happy Labor Day

Justice – Truth -Freedom

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plans and visions to create a one world order

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