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A Question For The New Year?

As we are “Waking Up” and also moving into a New Year; The question becomes “Bitcoin?. Yes or No?

Bitcoin? The Answer Lies In Who Is In Control!

In some ways, truth is becoming easier for us to determine. On the other hand, we are learning about those who we have trusted for so many years and we are beginning to question the truth we have been told by these controllers throughout these years.

bitcoin, money, freedom

Many of us have heard that those who want control are looking into the Bitcoin phenomenon for ease of control of all of our financial information. This is an understanding that might make us decide to turn away from the idea of investing in Bitcoin.

However, with an eye toward the future, we can see how if all goes correctly and in favor of human beings, moving into having more control over our finances by taking control, we see that Bitcoin could be used to eliminate the power of this control by incorporating protection of our information. Such control comes down to “We The People” taking control through involvement, and not just letting our lives be dictated by the same, greedy souls that have managed to weasel their way into our personal financial information throughout the past.

It appears that the financial situation is headed for a major change. If “We the People” are ready to take control, Bitcoin may be a way to take control and this may be the time. This takes dedicated studying on the part of human beings, who either decide” yes or no“, through their personal discernment, make that decision. This is a choice for each of us to make after learning more information and making our own decisions for our families.

The goal of sharing information regarding the new year is not to scare or upset anyone reading this information. Some individuals are studying our current situations relating to finances, society, AI, healthcare, politics, education, food, national and international relationships. We are hearing and seeing a lot of speculation from many of these studious individuals. We must remain calm and gather information ourselves, for us to discern what we are hearing and seeing around us. The media has shown itself to not always be accurate in its reporting. We have even seen direct lies on some occasions.

Heck, We are even being told we will eat bugs and be happy about it!

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Keeping our eyes and ears open, listening with an open mind, and then doing our valuable research is the most important thing we can do in this world of change.

Moving Into 2024 We Hear A Lot of Talk About The Money paradigm that we have grown up with for many years. We are very used to the “paper money”, which was used to take control in the 1970s, from everyone.

bitcoin, money, freedom

Our goal is to give you information regarding what we are hearing from people who study current information regarding what is going on in our world. Bitcoin, digital money, and our personal (God-given) freedoms are being discussed in many circles today.

Many of us are experiencing information that we may or may not take as true information. That decision is totally up to us, what we believe and don’t believe is true. As our eyes seem open or not open to the information provided, it is our God-given right to make our own decisions as to true or false. Our goal is to give you information from several sources. Do your research and decide for yourself.

As for me, I have decided to shop as a Patriot.

I no longer want to buy products that contain harmful materials for my family. We are learning more about baby powder from Johnson and Johnson, the carcinogens in Dawn Liquid, and the chemicals being added to our meat and poultry so they produce more products.

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Tomahawk Switch, The Patriot Switch.

Visit: WeThePeopleswitch.com/foster

When we realize who we support when we are purchasing the following products, we understand the importance of who we trust, who has our best interest at heart, and how it is so important to consider who we are giving our money to and what is being done with the money we spend at these particular stores, it becomes a no-brainer.

bitcoin, patriot switch, money

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for sharing

Wishing You a Very Happy New Year!

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