Spiritual awakening, the third eye, pineal gland

Spiritual Awakening and opening of The Third Eye, commonly called the pineal gland, connects to the time of Jesus. In the following video we learn more about The Third Eye and how we find more information through learning more about our history.

Many of us have heard about The Eye of Horus and the inner visions available through the pineal gland within our bodies. There is much talk about The Great Awakening today. The Great Awakening is related to our Spiritual Awakening and how to awaken to our inner understanding of the world we inhabit.

Throughout our Biblical lessons, we learned about the travels of Jesus through many lands. As Jesus travelled, he became introduced to the teachings of various cultures. Many of these cultures speak of internal connections to our “inner knowing” through learning to activate the pineal gland within our bodies. We learn through the use of meditation, prayer, and an inner understanding of gratitude, that our third eye can offer us an inner knowledge of universal truths.

spiritual awakening, third eye, pineal gland

As We Learn More About The Third Eye, We Learn Possible Connections With Our Consciousness and How Electrical and Light Connections May Increase our Awareness and Knowledge Internally

There is Evidence That Knowledge of The Pineal Gland Has Been Known for

Many Years Throughout Many Countries. This Includes Countries That Jesus May Have Visited

Throughout Those Missing Years

the third eye, pineal gland, spiritual awakening

We See In Front of The Vatican an image of what looks like a pine cone. We also see this image on the septor that the Pope carries. This shape has been said to represent the shape of the pineal gland within our body.

As We Look To Elevating Our Own Personal Consciousness, we are drawn to learning more about the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a connection to our soul and our inner light that Jesus spoke about.

Through the use of yoga, prayer, meditation, and inner travel, we are able to connect with the light within us and our connection with God that dwells there. There seems to be a spiritual awakening taking place at this time. With an open heart and the desire to be more connected with the God within us, our light becomes stronger.

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Our spiritual awakening is important for us especially at this time in our history, as we are seeing so much turmoil and upheaval around us. We are learning truths that can be very unsettling, even creating fear and dread for the future. Believing in a loving Creator, and that we were made in the image of that Creator gives us faith that our world is moving to a brighter, happier, healthier, consciously aware, family of human beings living in this world together and working for the betterment of all.

the third eye, spiritual awakening, pineal gland.  prophecies, change, awakening, biblical

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