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Changes in 2024 are happening. Your Consciousness Does Matter!

Truth is here to Open Our Eyes!

2024, new year, change, freedom

As the New Year rolls in, so does information that tells us a lot of information that should make us all stop and think. The importance of what is being discussed is worth conversing with each other.

Things that make us think!

2024 – Changes Regarding the Freedom of Humanity

Why are we experiencing changes relating to our Freedoms happening to people all over the world? Could the history we have been experiencing over the past 20-30 years be part of what we are experiencing today? Looking at the powers that have been taking over control over these past 30 years, we stop and think; “What are they telling us?”, “What are they promoting?”, “Who seems to be preparing to take control?”, “How have we seen them take control over our God-given rights?”

There Has Been a Lot of Talk about

Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and even Agenda 50?

Change is always part of These Talked-About “Agendas”

Have you ever really investigated what the Agenda plans are all about and how the changes might affect the lives we are living today?

When we begin to think about these questions, are there faces, uniforms, individuals, government bills produced, events, laws, businesses, or even television programs or media that make the questions stand out predominantly in your mind?

I can think of several occasions where I have experienced hearing people discuss particular changes they are working toward. Some of these people were in authority positions and the truth is, my brain began to question what I was hearing. I am sure we have all experienced such occurrences. I believe it is time for us to take some time to reconsider the information we heard and find out what the truth behind the statements means.

2024 New year, freedom, changes

True or False?

Of course, we also have not always been told the truth, which is an unfortunate part of life on our lovely planet. As the years progress, we are discovering more and more of these illusionary ideas that were not always true. The question comes to us, “Why?”. We may never know all of the answers.

There may be some people who are completely shocked by what we are learning. I can promise that no matter when we start realizing the truth, shocking is a good word for the description we feel. My journey began in 2009-2010 and I am still surprised at how widespread the illusions of society are deep-seated in our brains. Most of us were taught to be good children, do as we were told and trust those we thought should be trusted.

New Year 2024, changes, Evil, Consciousness, Awareness and all the words end up FEAR, when you first learn the truth

Welcome to this world of change. Whole attitudes of how we should be and how we should act are being demolished. One of the biggest disappointments we are learning about is our Education System. The Agendas run deep within our country and it takes people a while to truly accept where our distortions come from. The evil characters of our world have learned how to work the system, making others believe that they have a sincere interest in the people of the world’s survival.

A simple way to open one’s eyes is to simply do a little research on The Georgia Guidestones. Asking genuine questions helps us find answers. History is not always told honestly or truthfully.

The Great Awakening is one of the biggest events that has ever happened in the World. Much Different from the Big Bang Theory, what we are experiencing is a Universal Shift in our Consciousness. It is hard to stay the same as there are very large changes happening all around us. In almost every aspect of the world, we are seeing attempts to change people’s attitudes, actions, and way of life.

As they say, this is a Biblical Period and it is a time for us to get closer to that spiritual aspect of ourselves. We have heard it called “woo woo stuff”; but I believe those people who call it that just don’t want to stop to grasp that there is much we cannot see yet, but it doesn’t mean things we don’t know about do not exist.

One thing that has rung very true for me, is that there is truly a higher being that created us, and that this is a very special time in man’s Ascension process. I believe that we have a purpose for being here at this particular time, and if we open our minds and hearts, we will be shown what it is. I believe our planet and all the living beings on this planet are being faced with new, difficult lessons and I pray for all of us that we learn them gently.

Whatever your faith, I hope you will join me in sending Blessings of Peace, Joy, Health, and Happiness to our world. War and Hate destroy.

2024 New Year, changes, Freedom, peace, Awakening, consciousness, awareness, love health happiness

The Awakening is bringing change for those to feel within their hearts and souls. Sharing the message of peace, kindness, and respect is something each one of us can do daily.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

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