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Our Freedoms Are Based on God’s Laws

Our freedoms are being threatened by The Great Reset that is planned by those who want to control humanity. Once we understand the danger, Common Law or God’s law is what our freedoms are all about. In case you are unaware of God’s Law, please feel free to download our gift to you. The 10 Maxims of God’s Law. Once you read just these ten Maxims, you will learn that God’s Law is based upon a simple phrase, “Do No Harm To Others.”

our freedoms, the great reset, the Great Awakening, 10 maxims of God's Law,

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Ten Essential Maxims of God’s Law!

There have been those over the years who have told us information that we either ignored or did not want to hear. As each of us moves through our lives, there are times that we are ready to hear information, but many times we might have avoided the information that was presented to us.

G. Edward Griffin is one of those individuals who recognized problems and felt the need to share with his fellow American brothers and sisters. America was created to be a freedom-loving, non-dictatorship land of God-loving individuals who respected each other as equals, dictated by God’s Laws, and not an oligarch society, ruled by those who want to control our lives. That is the reason for the flag that we cherish, along with the original Constitution that was created by our forefathers. Men like G. Edward Griffin have tried to point out problems throughout his lifetime.

The United States Has Been A Great Beacon of Freedom For Living Human Beings

We were also fortunate that a man named George Orwell wrote a book in 1949, called 1984, to share information that he knew we needed to be told. This was a book that I read later in life, and I even saw the movie. However, because of my innocence of knowledge, I had no idea this was happening in our United States.

Looking back on the period I read the book and watched the movie, I did not relate that happening to us living here in the United States.

The World Is Experiencing A Great Awakening – With The Help Of People Like G. Edward Griffin and George Orwell – Americans Are Recognizing Troublesome Signs

Alternatively, some do not want us to live with the freedoms given to all of us by our creator. Some individuals feel they should be in control of the masses. They even feel that there are too many humans and that they need to keep the world at a more controllable number. The plan is to create a small number of slaves for their agendas.

our freedoms, The Great Awakening, the great reset
A Review of G. Edward Griffin’s Shared Information for these many years.
Where is Humanity heading and Why?

What is The Great Reset All About? Who Is Klaus Schwab? Is There A Connection With The UN Agenda 21 or Agenda 30? What does this have to do with our freedoms?

The more we learn about the plans and the more people that become aware of the Great Awakening, the closer we come to saving our God-given rights and freedoms. As it stands now our God-given freedoms are becoming “privileges” given to us by our so-called controllers. Their desire for a Great Reset is not what We The People, who know about our rights, want for the future of our children or ourselves now.

our freedoms, the constitution, the great reset, the great awakening

The importance of the gift of our freedoms from God can not be over-expressed. These rights are unalienable and cannot be taken from us. Our forefathers created a Constitution in 1776 to protect the freedoms of all the children to come. Be sure to do your due diligence and discern for yourself, what needs to be done to protect them. We are seeing many changes today. Let us understand that our freedoms are in the hands of We The People. It is our responsibility to protect these rights for all living, human beings.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

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