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2024 is a Year of Awakening for Humanity.

Humans are experiencing 2024 as the Year of Awakening because to grow and leave evil behind, we must recognize how we have let evil grow in our society. We must recognize and be willing to change our evil ways to adopt a more ethical consciousness, leaving behind hate and anger to grow with love, acceptance, and the God-like qualities we were given at birth.

Greed and control over others do not belong in societies based on true equality and freedoms that “Do No Harm” to others

This video is a very helpful video for those experiencing this

Year of Awakening (2024).

This video offers material that will help us understand better ideas of how to move through this time of change. Aaron Abke gives us information that we can use as we move through new experiences, throughout this time of change and Awakening to the truths around us.

Stop Feeding Evil- 2024 is the Year of Awakening –

The Great Awakening is about:

Do No Harm!

year of awakening,  do no harm, the great awakening,
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Natural Law is God’s Law or Common Law

When we, those who believe in God’s Law, resist the temptations of anger, greed, revenge, and entitlement, we can eliminate the evil these unGodly actions create. Our world can purge itself of the evil that has plagued us for many years.

Aron Abke is a great example of sharing his knowledge with others. It is now, 2024, when humanity begins to understand that they are the ones they are waiting for to help this planet survive with their “We the People’srights and freedoms intact. Knowledge is a big part of what we need to keep our freedoms and rights alive and well. Remember, these are inalienable rights given to you by your creator, who made you. Your creator is loving toward his creations. The amount of evil we see in our world today exist until we let our true nature of our creator become the person we are in this world.

year of awakening,  do no harm, the great awakening,

12 Years Have Gone By since 2012

The Great Awakening in 2024: Interesting

Most of us know that our world is experiencing great change. We are faced with new dramas every day. To have positive outcomes, we must have positive thoughts. I believe each of us is here to help move us through this time together, and we all have vital functions to play.

The ultimate goal is for our beautiful world to survive and for God’s children to live and enjoy their lives in freedom, abundance, and happiness.

year of awakening,  do no harm, the great awakening,  service to self and service to others - in the matrix we see both.

Positive Changes From Positive Attitudes

Throughout this change, our consciousness is vital to making decisions and directing actions using our connections with higher thoughts and outcomes.

Stay Positive!

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As We Move through The Great Awakening, it is good to remember to meditate, offer affirmations of gratitude, and learn how to breathe with purposeful breaths. Take this time to learn how to recognize how your body reacts to particular situations.

Our behavior may change as we move into higher levels of understanding and more remembrances of situations from our past. Accept, discern, and then let go of feelings of negativity or fear and move forward knowing that you are here to serve yourself and others in this Biblical period of history.

listen inside, constitution, law,

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