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Learning to listen inside for that voice that has been with us since childhood is an important part of our leveling up to our next step in consciousness. It is that voice that feels warm when we need to comfort ourselves. The connection to this inner voice can be very helpful for us during The Great Awakening. Finding the trust that you are listening to the truth about the “right” direction to pursue takes some awareness, remembrances, and that warm fuzzy feeling inside you feel when all “just feels right.” Decisions made with heart-felt feelings, come from inside and the place where truth resides. This is one of our connections to our Creator, and as we go through this Great Awakening, we know these are our indications of the truth.

As We Are Experiencing The World Changes, Our Inner World Is Experiencing Change, Too. Our world is shifting, and we must understand, relate to, and manage all these changes.

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History Teaches Us Lessons From The Past That Help Us Understand The Present In New Ways

I have been studying the American Forefathers and have learned a lot about these brave souls. The truth is, that these men believed in a creator who loved us and wanted us to prosper and be strong guardians of our children’s future. This is a comforting thought in the confusion we are experiencing today. Our creator believed in us and gave us responsibility for how the world turns out.

That is why I believe we are all here for a reason at this particular time in Humanity’s history.

As I was told once, the Devil has done a good job of convincing us that he does not exist, and that is why we have let things get so out of control. I don’t know if that is true, or not, but the world does seem to be headed in a dangerous direction for those of us who love peace and would like to see all humans live in a world that respects each other enough to work together for the good of all.

One thing that has happened throughout this, The Great Awakening, is many of us now have the eyes to see where the evil is concentrated and how it has been used against us. As we become more enlightened and aware, our consciousness becomes more active, generating new ideas that will benefit our societies, as a whole.

There is a very important point to understand why you should

…..Listen Inside for the Answers.

This is also why this website is called “Your Consciousness Matters.” It is our imagination and creativity of thoughts that can find the answers to move societies into experiencing living with their God-given rights, and without the unscrupulous entities that want to enslave all of us. Each of us holds unique talents, skills, and knowledge. When we work together for positive change, new potential for humanity will be released into a world of these unique abilities designed for good.

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Our Creator gave us dominion over this beautiful world and believed in his children to be good stewards of this world, which was created for us to enjoy peacefully together.

Our Dominion Includes The

Land, Air, and Water.

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The original Constitution of 1776 was written by men who were extremely Christian Men, with a sense of doing what they felt would be best for this new country. It was a daunting, responsible undertaking for these men and their principles were of utmost importance when making decisions. From what I read, they began all meetings with solemn, intense, sometimes very long prayers. These prayers could last for hours in some cases.

As we see groups forming to bring back the LAW as given by our Creator, we must always invite the blessings that our forefathers felt so strongly need to be present, to find the answers that will reflect the spirit of our God-given rights and the direction of respect for God’s Law or Common Law available to those present.

Remember, it is said that St. Germaine was present when the original Constitution was signed by the 56 men who were present.

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As We Become More Enlightened, Humanity will Act With More Enlightened Actions.

Keeping us in a state of confusion, fear, and lack of trust in ourselves as magnificent beings, operating from a sense of knowledge and the enlightenment that comes from respecting our creations, will prove to us how much we are loved in the realm reserved for those of higher consciousness. This will bring humanity into a higher state of being that can be appreciated and protected by those beings that believe in creating a world that operates from a state of higher consciousness, granted with the feelings of love, respect, and a desire for all human beings to be happy, healthy, free from slavery and participating in peaceful interactions among the people.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for visualizing a brighter, more intelligent class of human beings who understand the importance of every living being. Yes, those with bad intentions have not left us yet, but the time is coming when evil will not be allowed to cause problems for those who want better lives while alive on this beautiful planet.

America gains its strength from Diversity. Diversity is a good word when discussing learning new ideas and creating new thoughts from old ideas. Sometimes, just a small change for the better can begin an avalanche of the movement to the best ideas.

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The Great Awakening offers change from the old ways and their adaptations.

As Americans, we saw how our forefathers came together to get things done.

As our consciousness and awareness grow to have better understandings and/or availabilities through our access, connecting with others becomes easier. Of course, this is especially true for the Like-minded individuals.

Wishing you much love and happiness and many well wishes for your safety and health.

Thank you for Reading and Sharing.

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