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Why are Falun Gong Practice Members experiencing so much abuse and negative press? What is this all about? Millions of people believe in this practice of health and peace around the world. However, we see people disappearing and many experiencing dire consequences because they practice Falun Gong.

falun gong

Recently I took a couple of courses in Falun Gong. I found the free classes online and because my life was very stressful at the time, I decided to see what this practice entails. I admit, that I am not the most coordinated individual but found the practice very peaceful, and loving, plus offered some health benefits through simple movements and breathing exercises; much like yoga and meditation or quiet simple movements of my body.

This year marks the 31st Anniversary of the practice of Falun Gong. From the website, https://faluninfo.net/, I learned that the practice started with one man on May 13th, thirty-one years ago. I also learned that there were over 100 million practicing this peaceful technique before the Chinese government began an active campaign to stop individuals from experiencing this practice. I also learned that the practice had begun spreading worldwide, including in the US. Unfortunately, the website would not load the videos and eventually quit loading for me. I learned that there was a celebration on May 13th in New York City, this year, and I hope to see if a video is available to share with you. According to the website, the US has supported Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) practices.

Falun Gong/Falun Dafa: A Spiritual Teaching

falun gong

Based on Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance

Incorporating these tenants into our lives sounds like a beautiful way to live our lives. How can these tenants be so non-accepted by the Chinese government? Reading and educating myself about the persecution of the followers has truly disturbed my heart. There are followers of this practice all over the world.

China has a history of very deep beliefs in spirituality and with the government’s outlaw of this practice, many despicable events have occurred to those people involved with its practice. China has experienced relentless persecution by its followers to this day. The US government has supported Falun Gong, but there have been purposeful accusations of it being a cult. Most members seem to find that the practice has given them a “moral compass to follow”, which many of our own current practices do not offer. Falun Gong members try to live a more spiritual-oriented life, by following better living options, and healthier choices, including more accepting/sharing attitudes towards others. This is not a part of the philosophy expressed by the Chinese CCP.

The Thirtieth Anniversary in 2022 – New York City

Sharing this information is important to me because I don’t believe many of us have understood how difficult life can be when those that want to control us, take control. In this case, we see people being controlled in ways that eliminate personal goals, preferences and bettering themselves. The extent to which these people are being controlled shows a lack of humanity, respect for others’ lives, and shear evilness within the hearts of those in control.

What we see circling around us with individuals such as Klaus Schwab and others within the elite system, is the same type of control that we see coming from the Chinese CCP government.

America was created to be a free society, based on people living and working together for the good of all. That is a system to be protected and we have been letting this system slip through our hands by not being alert to the happenings around us. Now, many of us are becoming aware and conscious of this fact.

That is why Your Consciousness Matters. It begins with recognition and awareness and takes shape as we see the importance of each of us doing our own part. We are living in a very eventful period, with lots of changes facing us. I believe each of us is here for a purpose. Finding that purpose may not be easy, it takes inner work. But, standing by and watching us lose our freedoms is not why we were put on this earth at this particular point in history. Find your reason and stand up for it.

Falun Gong

Discovering Our Purpose Is The Challenge for Each of Us

Meditation and Self Control is important to our discoveries. Prayers and Inner Contemplation is where we can find answers. Falun Gong may help us do that. Evidently many people over the past thirty-one years have found answers for themselves. Many of these individuals have been inspired by the practice that they are willing to move past the fear that is being forced upon them by the evil-doers.

As Zapata, the Mexican revolutionary once said, “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees” and I have just learned of many people that are living in that situation today.

We are very grateful for our United States Constitution and appreciate the forefathers that wrote down such protection for us. Now we must be the ones to defend it, so no future generations must endure these types of atrocities.

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