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Learning from Dr. Thomas Seyfried

Your Consciousness Matters in many subjects today, relating to Cancer Cures for Human Sustainability and our beloved animals. Our lives are being bombarded with chemicals and other sources that are destroying our health, longevity, and potential for the future. We must become more aware in order for us to maintain our healthy bodies, our lives, and the wonderful freedoms that God gave us from birth.

Education and Action can make a difference.

Cancer – Truth Does Not Always Come Easy

Cancer Truth- The Time Has Come

Recently, I watched the Cancer Information sequence called “The Truth About”.

What an informative, life-affirming, positive presentation, especially for those of us that have had family and friends not survive this deadly disease. When we watch our loved ones suffer from this awful disease, we feel very helpless.

Now we are learning that there are cures that are available. This is an even more distressing issue than just cancer itself, and we begin to question “Why?”.

After so long of a period and so many people suffering from cancer, “Why have we not been told of the better, more effective, and less traumatic options? This is a big question for those of us that want to understand why these truths about cancer have not been shared with us before.

As I watched the 9-video presentation over the days it was presented. In typical Google fashion, I began to get many other videos and blogs related to the subject. Finding out the truth about cancer has opened my eyes to truthful information about the reasons we are not being told.

New Opportunities

Cancer Cure Truths – Can Now Be Found In Many Places

Although many of the holistic or natural cures, along with the new medicines/discoveries available are not as invasive, expensive, destructive, painful, dangerous, and many times ineffective, the medical industry still offers the same alternatives for cancer patients as their first “line of defense”. As you investigate further into this “Cancer Truth” theme, you will find out the reasons why this is still happening. Learning the truth about cancer is not an easy “pill to swallow”, the fact is the truth will help all of us to move forward with hope in our hearts.

Whether you are currently a cancer patient or know a person affected by this disease, the truth about cancer can open the door to alternatives that have proven to save lives. That in itself gives us all hope for the future.

While typing this information for you, I was listening to some of the following information, which I want to share with you. There are now many doctors that are exposing cancer truths and also medical breakthroughs that are saving people’s lives today. It is up to us to do our own research and through our own discernment, discover what is the truth regarding what we have been told to believe all these years.

The following link offers a variety of sources relating to cancer that can be found on

Cancer Evolution on Youtube.

Cancer and other diseases are not easy topics to talk about, but learning the truth gives us new insight into what is ahead for the future. Education is key to our health concerns, finding the right treatments, and trusting in the information we discover.

It is time for us to take our health into our own hands. One aspect I realized as I have been looking into this medical information available to us, is how easy it was to just take the word of the doctor and follow the directions. As a person that has had thyroid issues for many years, I realized how easy it was for me to be told that I would be taking a particular thyroid drug for the rest of my life, without considering how I could correct the issue myself by conducting my own investigations.

God gave each of us a brain and the ability to think. Why do we only trust the person wearing the white coat? Isn’t our health worthy of our own investigation, searching for the appropriate answers and finding alternatives that make sense to us?

Be sure to check out the following video sharing ideas that are making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, and individuals with other medical issues. We are in a time of change and more information is available today so that we can participate in our own medical decisions.

Health Sciences Institute Video

I believe that the time has come that many of us are realizing this, and are making a move to be more involved in our own well-being and take responsibility for the outcome.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

May you live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Additional Important Information to help you get started on your Consciousness Journey to Cancer Cures:

Dr. Glidden’s Website is a great source of information and you can find more about the protocols to help you if you have cancer by joining his membership:

You can also learn more about Dr. Donald Kelly, a dentist that cured his own pancreatic cancer in the 1960s and lived for another forty years, helping others cure their cancer through the information he had learned from Dr. John Beard’s work. Dr. Beard was born in 1858 and died in 1924.

Be sure to check out this pdf about Dr. Kelly’s work to learn some fascinating information regarding Dr. Beard’s discoveries and the body’s relation to cancer:

You can also find much information when you discover the website:

Ivermectin is a cure for several cancers, check out: HTTP://

A very informative source of information is available can be found on this youtube page: CancerRevolution

Be sure to check into this podcast regarding Cannabis and Cancer Successes:

Interviews from around the world from people who have experienced success through cannabis use. is also a source for finding out information to help us learn more about our options regarding cancer protocols. is available for individuals looking for new ideas and options for treatment.

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