What Do We Know?… Truth??

what have we learned

What do we know? Is it the real truth?

What have we learned in our education system?

Have we learned the information we need to know?

Have We Learned Truth or Propaganda?

Most of us have had twelve years of public school system education. Many of us have had another four years of college education and some of us have even experienced more education services beyond that.

The question we begin to ask ourselves is: With all this education, “What do we know about how our lives operate in this world?”

Have We Been Taught Truth About Our Lives and How Life in this World Really Functions?

and, the next question…………….

“Why Not??????

what do we know

A Video For True Information to All of Us:

Education through our current systems has left out important information about how our current systems operate.

We have been taught that we are “Free people”. We have been taught that we live in a Free Country with freedom of choice…………………….but do we?

There seems to be an aspect of society that doesn’t believe in the freedoms that each of us were given at birth. The parts of societies that feel they are entitled, but we are not so entitled are not as many as you think. However, they are in many aspects of the cultures that most of the societies on earth experience today.

Learning this fact and gaining an understanding of how deep these beliefs really are, can be very disturbing. So, The Awakening is not always an easy experience to investigate.

The following video is an “eye-opening” video. It is for those who want to know, are ready to know, and should not be watching lightly. As we are experiencing the changes and the truth about the past, we might sometimes want to take in the information slowly.

The Great Awakening Is A Journey of This Lifetime

Learning more about our world is an awakening to “What Do We Know?” In many cases, we don’t know or understand as much as we thought we did. It is a time to open our minds and ears to hear the truth that is surprising to our very nature and must be taken in small doses so as not to be overwhelming. Remember, however, you are here, living at this time, for a purpose. This is very important to understand because I believe, that each of us has a part to play in this transition.

What do we know?

Listen to your heart and the higher power that lives inside. Finding your answers through prayer and the guidance you can get when you listen carefully is important. Your intuition is a big part of moving forward. There is no need for fear and it only feeds self-doubt. Being the best person you can be is the way to proceed.

This is a very biblical time. It is important to realize this is actually a war between good and evil that we are seeing play out in our world today, and ………..

God wins!

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

Many Blessings for a Wonderful New Beginning.

What do we know

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