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Live with the light within you, release your inner magic.

Meditation is not the only way to connect with your inner energy. Learning ways to help you connect energetically, can change your life in magical ways. Knowledge of how your energy flows, can create more magic in your life.

One of the lessons I have learned more about since I began this journey to more light in my life, and enhancing my level of knowledge and understanding, is the importance of energy in our body. Energy is how we communicate who we are and what we are feeling.

Our communication with each other and the world is all about the energy. It is amazing how we have let our energies be so manipulated through outer influences. We do live in an amazing time in history.

Increasing our experiences to a higher level, is up to us and our desires, to include how we move through this time of change. Hopefully, we will take advantage of these opportunities and connect with our inner selves as we learn more about our purpose and what we are here to do in this lifetime.

Magic is Derived from Energy and Energy is Derived from Magic

As we have all heard, statements like, “life is a circle“, “We reap what we sow.” and “What goes around, comes around.” So many interesting thoughts occur when you begin to take the time to investigate your inner self. The video above gives us wonderful ideas about how to move closer and gain a better understanding of ourselves.

Not Very Long Ago, Nicolai Tesla showed us the critical importance of energy in our lives.

There is also information from much earlier timelines, that teach us that others possessed an advanced understanding of the importance of energy sounds in our lives and in our bodies.

Magic is a good word that can explain more about how energy works with us every day of our lives.

Solfeggio link that offers an energy tune-up for us, in a ten-minute video:

energy, magic, change,

As We Are Experiencing Big Changes In Our Lives, Learning How To Tap Into Our Energy Resources can Help Us Manage Many of the Different Experiences We Are Facing Today.

magic, energy, change, positive attitude, win-win

Let Me Know if You Are Practicing Any Of The Suggestions Outlined In The Video Above.

I Plan To Learn More About How To Use These New Skills As We Are Moving Through These Changes In Our World, Country and Personal Lives.

Looking Forward To Hearing about your adventures. :).

Wishing You Much Beautiful Magic In Your Life.

energy, magic, change

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