AI Look Alike and Thinks Like Me?

A Documentary By Gemma Chan

We read over and over again about Artificial Intelligence taking over our jobs.

Watch the interesting story about Gemma Chan’s adventure creating a look alike AI that is also designed to think like her and respond to questions.

Educating AIs is all part of the movement to making our artificially intelligent friends more like us, humans.

The following video takes me back to an old movie called 2001, which came out in 1968.  

The discussion of where artificial intelligence has been out there a long time.  We are truly beginning to see the real results of how far our science has come in the technology field.

The documentary shared a lot of really good information about how AI look Alikes are created and where the trend for this science is headed.

We need to be very conscious of where and who has the capabilities of this advancement in the world.

As with Tesla’s inventions, this type of science. can be a blessing when used for positive changes.

As we continue to move forward, humanity needs to keep a careful eye on the directions it takes.

Really great documentary.  AI does appear to be intersecting with our job opportunities for the future. 

However, I believe humans are creative. 

The Imagination and creativity of humans in art, music, healing, and all aspects of human life is integral to our planet. 

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