Conscious Awareness Saves Lives

conscious awareness

Awakening and Conscious Awareness saves lives. Learning truth and sharing truth can save lives.

When we are unaware of the truth behind many of the current systems we take for granted as trustworthy; we become victims of those we “believe are telling us truths” and/or expecting us to follow what they are teaching or telling us are truths. These can be individuals that we have trusted, elected, accepted, and sometimes have even paid to give us directions regarding specific subjects. These individuals can come in the form of doctors, lawyers, teachers, presidents, official representatives and other authority figures.

the white house

We must be willing to drop the old way of believing these individuals just on an “auto-pilot” response. There has been too much hidden from us all our lives, for this just “blind acceptance”. Our conscious awareness is necessary, especially now, and we must listen with open minds, in order to hear some very disturbing truths about what has been hidden from us. In many cases, the truth and why these truths have been hidden from us, are even more disturbing than the facts we learn.

There are many people that naturally question what is being told to them and there are many people labeled as “conspiracy theorist”. As a person that grew up believing that most people are honest, trustworthy, caring, etc., “The Great Awakening” has been an eye-opening experience since I began waking up in about 2007-2009. 2010 is when the real eye-opening experience happened for me and my life has not been the same since. It is no exaggeration to call it life-altering.

conscious awareness

Most of us have heard of the Anonymous Movement. What is it all about? Have we really looked into it or is it just a bunch of crazy conspiracy people with nothing to back up what they express?

An Important Message from 09/11/2022 from The Anonymous Team

Our Consciousness Matters during this special time of change.

Without each one of us realizing the importance of this time we are living in, we may not realize the purpose that we are currently here on this earth to provide. Circumstances are happening that are changing the direction that the country has been directed toward by those that have evil in their hearts. As beings of light, we are here to make sure that God’s plans are followed for humanity. Each of us has a part to play.

Conscious Awareness – Saves Lives – Creates Purpose

No matter who we are or where we live, our importance is an invaluable resource for the saving of this planet. Knowledge is key to opening the door to the salvation of ourselves, our families, and our beautiful planet for futures to come. Never shy away from learning the truth. The truth is what will set you free and provide you answers to your next important step in life.

Say a little prayer and ask for answers to these difficult questions. Your answers come from within. Listen, Trust and Keep Moving toward the Light.

conscious awareness

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conscious awareness

Once we know, we know, and we cannot “Not Know”.

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Thank you for reading -and Thank You For Sharing

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