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369 Energy -Tesla Showed Us

One of my favorite speakers is Michael Tellenger. In the video below, Michael Tellenger shows us how important sound and energy are in our lives. Through Michael Tellenger, we learn so much about our history and how all our ancient structures contain energy. History is showing us that our forefathers knew the secrets.

From the temples to the obelisks we see worldwide, we are beginning to understand that all these structures are energy processors. Stone Henge shows us that all these historical buildings and structures we have studied for years are giant circuit boards.

sound, tesla, truth

It is up to humanity to wake up that life on this planet has been magnificently designed for use and efficiency. Numerology is an important factor in the creation of our earth. Scientists have given different explanations, and many are not always accurate. It is up to us to decipher the truth and learn to recognize where we can find the truth about our beautiful planet.

Nicola Tesla and Michael Tellenger are two individuals who have taken the time and made an effort to give us the truth about Energy, Sound, Magnetism, and more.

Becoming a higher-level thinker, using our conscious awareness to discern the facts, takes effort to discover the facts about what we can find within our research. A conscious human being does not take for granted everything that is told him or her. A truly conscious human takes time to research and learn.

Finding our way through this maze of untruths and untrustworthy sources with agendas seeking to control the masses can be difficult. These individuals can be recognized by investigating many of our politicians, pharmaceutical representatives, educational facilities, large corporations, and philanthropical businesses today. It is up to us to learn to be careful and investigate what we are hearing and seeing in our media and other sources of information.

Nicolai Tesla and Michael Tellinger have been proven to be truthful, individuals who love humanity and have truthful information to share with us.

Learn more about our planet, do your research, and follow what your heart tells you is truthful information. Becoming more of a conscious human being in this world of change is very important for the individual’s well-being and the well-being of our generations to come.

We, who are living on this planet today, are here to help preserve the well-being of humanity to come.

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