your consciousness matters

Your Consciousness Matters.

Finding Your Purpose in this life takes effort.


When we say that your consciousness matters,  please understand that if you are determined in your quest of  “finding your purpose”, you should not forget to internally question your “learned responses”.

How do we find our thoughts through the fog of what has been passed down for generations versus what we really feel inside is true or correct for us?.

From what I can tell about becoming more aware of your thoughts, the first thing to recognize, for the person that wants to become more aware or conscious, are the negative thoughts, reactions and emotions you experience.  Experiencing them at the moment they are happening,  gives you insight into changes to consider.

Emotions like:

Anger, Jealousy, FEAR, Revenge, Retaliation, Hate, and negative such feelings are very low reactionary feelings.

Feelings of Love represent higher emotions such as compassion, empathy, understanding, etc.

television programs

Programming over the years has taught us to “go to the negative”.  Television programs, newspapers, and daily life has shown us that “things are not always what we want them to be, and to expect the worse.  Personally, I think this was done on purpose to keep our energies low and expectant of trouble.   

Turning off the television set offers your brain a chance to escape some of the programming from the television.  Our behavioral scientist in the 1940’s learned how valuable television and media transmission  can be in directing the thoughts of people.  

Learning to listen to your own heart and making decisions based on the intuition you feel from information is key to discernment. 

Consciousness is trusting and belief that there is a higher power helping and assisting you with your decisions.  Looking outside for answers is no longer the best answer.  Find your answers within.

Discernment comes when we begin to understand more about how things are operating in our world. Once we begin to understand the truths that we never knew, our decisions can adjust to fit our personal truths. This is when we begin the journey of discovering

“Our Personal

Purpose In This Lifetime.”

your consciousness matters

Thank You for reading & Thank You for sharing.

D Foster and Friends

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