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Consciousness – Definition

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“Consciousness, at its simplest, is “sentience or awareness of internal or external existence.” Despite millennia of analyses, definitions, explanations and debates by philosophers and scientists, consciousness remains puzzling and controversial, being “at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.” Perhaps the only… Wikipedia

There are many ways to investigate consciousness and how it operates in our bodies.

We have learned where in the brain we experience different sensations, what experiences can create these feelings and emotions, and even how to control particular reactions to stimulus.

There are so many directions to investigate that when all this different knowledge gets brought together, we can sometimes have more questions about the real make-up of who we are and how we operate.

Consciousness – Awareness.

As we are learning, Consciousness and Discernment are two very important aspects of being in a human body today.

The world is showing us that being aware of our surroundings happens on many levels. Types of work experiences and how we perform our work, family and our connections with friends, acquaintances, strangers and our loved ones are all intertwined with our level of consciousness.

There is, also, of course, the collective consciousness, which we have heard more and more about since 1987.

what is consciousness

We are hearing and seeing actions that don’t seem to fit with what we think about society.

We are learning information that sounds true, but is it?

We are certainly seeing things that we would have never imagined to happen in our lifetimes.

Introspection seems to be the best way for each of us to take control and find answers to the problems we are facing today.

As the video above is showing us, there is a part of us that goes on living even after the death of our human vehicle. Let us learn to tap into that source within ourselves. We may find our answers. .

Quiet time, prayer, and a sincere attempt at connecting inside with that part of ourselves, can take time. We have all lived with constant noise and distractions. Find your answers within.

consciousness in 2021 is vital - create a world you want to see.  learning is key to what you want to be.
Understanding Consciousness
Scientist have been investigating for many years.

Consciousness is a great step toward better discernment in our decisions. Without awareness of what we decide for ourselves as the truth, we are just listening to others.

Our own awareness creates the best within ourselves.

Enjoy Brendon Bruchard’s excellent meditation to bring your energies into alignment. Learning to become aware of our surroundings and how to control our emotions takes practice. Find the best approach for you.

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Debbie Foster

Experienced the Awareness to Awakening Process. Life Changing Events happen when we wake up. Our Consciousness Matters When We are Finding Our Purpose today. My life changed completely when I awakened to the truth and began living as a Conscious Being with Purpose in my life.

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