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Prophecies have come from many individuals throughout these many years. In this time of change, when we see the world in an upside-down, crazy state, we should listen. We should listen with our hearts. That might be hard for some individuals, and I find that sad, The truth is that it has become a world where we are suspicious of what we hear and see. This seems to be a part of experiencing The Great Awakening.

Today discernment is a word that I try to keep in mind often.

Listening to others is a good thing. There are opinions, expectations, “experts”, and, plain old guessing about what is next happening around us every day. However, having a chance to hear a prophecy like the one in Trey Smith’s YouTube below, is a blessing and I hope you watch with your heart open.

Kim Clement

House of

The Changes We Are Seeing/Experiencing Were Already Prophesized

As we experience these changes, and listen to these prophecies, our knowledge grows, and our level of Awakening becomes stronger. Listening to the information in this video with open hearts gives us a new sense of awareness.

We Are Experiencing A Very Biblical time

Kim Clement possessed an important connection to the creator of us all. He shared his knowledge and love with the world to assist us as we move through this change. He gave humanity a gift to help them understand what is happening and that the outcome will lead to living more conscious, responsible, and happy lives


There Are No Coincidences

As I have been moving through this Awakening, many have told me there are “No Coincidences”.

Interestingly, some names and places involved with specific events, fit precisely.

Change Appears to Still Be Ahead For All Of Us

Sadly, Kim Clement is no longer on this earth with us. I believe that there are Special Angels that have been sent to help humanity through this difficult time of change for all of us. We move through this time empowering our connection with The Creator through our prayers, meditations, gratitude, and positive attitudes. That is what moving to the 4th and 5th dimensions is all about. We can find our I AM presence, by living from our service-to-others and heartfelt approach to life we see around us.

your consciousness matters, Everyone you meet is a Mentor - Learn From everyone you mee

Thank you for visiting and sharing with others. We are living in interesting times. It is good to have information that helps us through the difficulties by knowing that:

God Wins!

Moving through our lives, we have experienced temptations, negative thoughts, and patterns; and we may have taken paths that we might not be proud we chose. The reason we were given life is to learn and we have learned many truths along our journey.

The culture we have grown up with is very motivated by financial gains and personal gratification. Many turned away from a service-to-others attitude, concentrating merely on self-gratification and personal acquisitions. Part of the problem has been that we have let the banking industry control our well-being, which promotes a strong sense of lack within many of us.

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The Great Awakening is About Us Returning To The Truth Of Who We Are and Where We Came From In Our Beginning.


There Have Been Many Distractions and Illusions along our journey.

The Great Awakening is a time of truth.

Kim Clement offered us prophecies of a future that returns us to higher consciousness and awareness for the future of our world to survive with a brighter, more enlightened society.

I believe that each of us is here for some special purpose. Just as Kim Clement was here to add to the world, every human is here to add to this special time in humanity’s history.

Many Blessings for you and your family. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.

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