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Changes in Humanity are affecting countries all over our planet

The Great Awakening is revealing truths to each of us. As a result of this Awakening, we are seeing many changes in humanity, especially as we take time to absorb the knowledge and find ourselves resolved to see positive changes in our world.

As we experience all that is happening today, we wonder where these “changes in humanity” will take our societies over the next few years and beyond.

humanity changes, perception, and The Great Awakening

Teal Swan has an insightful outlook regarding her approach to helping people with day-to-day issues. Her ability to connect with herself from such a young age gives her an intuitive way of looking at what is happening inside of others.

The following interview was enlightening, and I heard very important ideas relating to humanity’s change in perceptions during this Great Awakening. Humanity can benefit from the truth we are learning, once they can maneuver and accept the truth, we can create a more humane world by working together. Our personal knowledge level has an opportunity to grow, by taking advantage of the movement to living on a higher level of truth and personal knowledge.

Imagine living as the free individuals we were meant to be.

I agree that this is a very long interview, but I found it to have much information that might help open our consciousness in this change. I didn’t watch it all at once, just to be honest.) It took me a couple of days to listen to the whole interview.

Learning more about ourselves sometimes comes from listening to the truth others have learned about themselves. Teal Swan has a unique journey of discovery, because of her life-long struggle within herself.

True consciousness leaves us with an awareness of more than a total of our personal beliefs, based on our hopes, dreams, parental teachings, and superficial experiences. Inner work, through meditation, prayers, an open mind, and a fearless approach to learning the truth about what we may not have ever been exposed to as a child or an adult.

Our Consciousness and Awareness are vital components of each of us growing and accessing the human beings’ knowledge that is needed during this time of change in our societies.

The Great Awakening Is bringing each of us important connections and/or knowledge that the world needs to know to be on a more direct path to the life we are here to create for ourselves and, hopefully, enjoy. Take the path that feels “right” to you, follow your heart, and say your prayers. Gratitude for what we have in our lives is another way to experience appreciation, helping us discover a more fruitful life for ourselves in this world of change.

The Great Awakening allows us to move into a higher level of knowledge and discover a life based on the Creator’s intentions for humanity, supported by God’s Law or Common Law.

humanity change, perceptions,

We all know that God Wins!

humanity changes, the great awakening, perceptions

Be sure to join our exploration of where we can take our world.

We are seeing a change in how humanity operates daily. This change is happening, and our knowledge of how our world operates shows many flaws.

These eye-opening changes allow the world to reevaluate situations and their outcomes. Discerning for future results is key to making the best decisions during The Great Awakening.

the great awakening, change humanity, perceptions.

Thank you for reading and sharing. This is a time of change, and it is time for us to see the importance of where humanity and the world will go from here.

Stay Positive. Stay Aware. Stay Safe

The world needs everyone who believes in living happy, healthy, freedom-loving lives, working together to create the changes we want to see.

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