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Were we chosen at this important time for a specific purpose? Living in this time of change, it is important that we take the time to question ourselves, “Do We Have A Purpose”. As many people believe, this time is very Biblical, it would make sense that we have been given a spiritual pupose on this planet, designed to fit our particular talents and skills.

Recognizing Our Divine Purpose

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Taking time to know ourselves better, follow our passions, and recognize our special talents help us to learn more about what this divine purpose might be. Time in meditation, prayer and contemplation is a good start to us finding the Divine Connection that inspires and give our life a more definitive meaning.

As you enjoy the following video, consider your thoughts and inspirations an opportunity for you to discover your purpose and find the spiritual path that brings you into the happiness that comes from knowing that the path that you have chosen was spiritually designed for you.

Discovering Why You Were Chosen For Life

During This Time of Great Change

As a Career Builder, directed by recognizing your purpose in life, you can create a sense of accomplishment through knowing your career choice was designed by the Divine especially for you. There is a reason for each of us being here. Listen carefully to this video, as it may help you discover what you need to know to build for yourself a career that fulfills your particular divine talents or skills. Discovering purpose for our lives adds to our sense of a meaningful, fruitful existence in this crazy, confusing world that we are experiencing around us today.

Learning More About Our Divine Purpose & How Our Careers Intersect With Our Chosen Path Offers Us Insight Into What We Can Accomplish In Our Lives Today

The changes we are seeing today are pointing us to decisions for our lives that will move us into the future. Take time to observe what you are seeing around you and make wise choices for your future.

Career Builder, divine purpose, spiritually chosen

Take Time To Research Yourself and Your Special Skills. Our lives are changing because of our world, which we are experiencing changing everyday.

These are not small changes for the most part and we must be aware that as the world changes, so do our opportunities. Learn more about yourself, who you are and what you have been chosen to accomplish in this new world.

Do you remember the book,

Stranger in a Strange Land”?

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The following is a review of the book by Robert Heinlein. I found the review interesting and thought it is a timely share. I had read the book in the sixties and had forgotten much of the content, but because of the plot of the book and the interesting ideas expressed in it, I felt this review might be something others would enjoy reading.

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“Though the setting for the book is post WW3 America, and the United Nations has morphed into a world governing federation, the language and the culture in which the story takes place are 1950s America, and as such, are full of quaint, and what today would be considered politically incorrect anachronisms. However, I found this aspect of the book enjoyable and familiar – being a child of the 50s and 60s myself. In particular the male/female roles and relationships are echoes of movies we’ve watched from the 40s and 50s – John Wayne or Cary Grant interacting and Doris Day or even Kathryn Hepburn.  That said, his satires and critiques of wealth, religion, marriage,  politics, government  ineptitude, and more are biting and still relevant.   Stranger in a Strange Land  also makes a strong case for the individualistic and libertarian ideals that initially drove the counter culture movement, before it was hijacked by Maoist and other authoritarian leftist ideals.”

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The Great Awakening is opening our minds to what we didn’t know, but now we are beginning to see with clearer eyes. The importance of our knowledge, lies within what we are now understanding and seeing for the first time in many cases. Take the time, to stop and listen to your heart. Answers come from the inside, not always from outside of ourselves.

Discernment is important to us recognizing the truth. Take information in to yourself and let your answers come from the life within you.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing with others.

chosen, spirituality, consciousness

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