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New year changes are only the beginning of what is expected for us in the coming decade. These changes appear to be expected because of the truth that is currently exposed to We The People living on this planet. Some truths are very difficult for us to believe and many truths are being hidden from the public. We are seeing more censorship, as those that have a desire to control the narrative are trying to control actual happenings from us in order to follow an agenda that has been hidden from us for many, many decades.

Change has been happening for a long time. Because we are learning more truth about our world, the gossip about New Year changes ranges throughout the people we talk to or hear on the mass media programs. There are many people who speculate regarding the New Year changes we might expect. The New Year changes are expected, but what would be your #1 expectations for how we will see our world in these 2024 Near Year changes?

As the time gets closer, there are predictions from even more different people and groups. Hearing from the educated and the ones who study situations closely, I am amazed at how different some of the information truly is. The media has been very particular in what we are allowed to hear, which is distressing, in itself. We are, as we know, living beings that have unalienable rights, and knowledge of truth and speech are certainly two of those rights given us by our creator, and should not be infringed on or taken away from us.

Personally, I believe it is up to us to do our own research. In order to make the best decisions for our own lives, and that of our families, do not be afraid to listen, read and discern for yourself. Not all truth is being told us by those we have trusted for so many years. I have learned this to be factual, for myself.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned over the past several years, is our discernment is what is truly important to us.

The art of deciding if what is being said is truthful or deceptive and this comes from inside of us. We need to learn to listen to our heart, which is our Creator’s voice, that dwells inside of us.

new year changes, Christmas cheer and freedoms in new year

The New Year changes have people speculating about life in the next few years & beyond.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in what this gentleman is saying, and I hope to share more ideas of what is to be expected in the future over the next few weeks. Change is something we are experiencing together and together it is good to share information that might be informative for others.

We Must Remember That Most People Want a Peaceful Life for Family, Friends, and Neighbors.

When all we hear around us is discussions of War, it is difficult to remember the truth, that unless something is very wrong in our world today, ……

Peace Has A Role In What We Would Like To See In Our World.

(Maybe that was only at the Miss America or Miss World contests.)

I certainly pray that is not true!

peace, truth and freedom are what the New Year changes are all about for many of us.  We look forward to our rights being held up for all to see and learn

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New year changes in our freedom and our unalienable rights. We are learning the truth and becoming consciously aware

Cabal/Deep-State Owned Companies

Now that we know the truth, Our goal is to shop where we know the products are American-made and made with ingredients that will not harm our family, using chemicals and other known poisons.

Please find out how you can join us in protecting our families and freedoms simply by where we spend our dollars. It is a good feeling to know that you are supporting the American way of life.

Our original Constitution was created to protect us from tyranny, in our own country. It is up to us to protect our country and our families from all harm.

We The People Switch

We appreciate you sharing with your friends and family -We are living through these changes together.

Merry Christmas and may you have a Happy New Year!

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