Carlos Santana – Discussing Mental Slavery, Wonderment, Universal Tone

Carlos Santana Discussing

Mental Slavery, Wonderment, and Universal Tone

On December 4, 2014, Carlos Santa spoke with Cheryl Jennings about his book, The Universal Tone, a story of an individual who is ceaselessly creative, spiritually focused and fearlessly part of a world that has brought him fame and adulation. This event was presented by the Institute for Leadership Studies – Dominican University of California and Book Passage with sponsorship from Private Ocean.

I just happened on this interview with Carlos Santana this afternoon and found it to be so timely with what is happening in our world today,  that I wanted to share.Consciousness and Awareness, which Carlos talks about in the Spiritual sense, has become more and more of a topic as we have moved through the past ten or so years.

This interview was in 2014.  There was a beginning shift to more and more conversations regarding a spiritual awakening or awareness during the period after 2012.

I was working on the idea of  (Having just introduced myself to WordPress Websites, everything I thought about was a website.) lol

freedom is in our thoughts

The topics of mental slavery, living in life’s wonderment, and that there being is a universal tone that we all can relate to makes sense.

After 2012, the talk about energy and our personal energy resources grew.

There were more discussions about our thoughts and how our thoughts create our reality.

Santana’s Album Covers have always been “Wonderments” themselves.

Check Out This great album cover:    From: Santana’s 1969 Album Cover


Music is a wonderful gift which speaks directly to our hearts. 

We are blessed to have wonderful, talented people, like Santana, that shares his gifts with us all.  


I hope you found this discussion inspiring.  It is 2021 and the information is much needed today.

Find your happiness.  Share your gifts, 

We are all in this life together and we all have a purpose for being here at this time.

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sharing.

D Foster and friends.   

thank you for sharing

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