Truth or Deception

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Truth from Deception equals Awareness Of Thought

How does truth from deception create more Awareness or Consciousness in our being? Learning truths that have been hidden from us, can make a big difference in our consciousness and how we respond to the situations we are experiencing as we move through our lives on this planet today.

There are those that look at life in terms of generational changes.

Plans created by individuals within families that have agendas, are well-premeditated, and focused to succeed throughout lifetimes of successive family members. This may or may not be true for many of us. Unless your family members are taught from small children that the goals have been established for years or maybe even centuries, a lifetime is lived by experiencing the life, through each day, vicariously.

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If the family itself, has set goals, for future generations to follow, then the individuals are taught from a young age why they exist and what is expected of them throughout their lifetime. This could be through deception, lack of awareness for others, and lies in order for the family to have power and control over others. This might be true for some of those families that have been in positions of power or control for many years; or from families that have desired this power and have set-out with the intention to be in control of others.

The following video offers us a glimpse of our history, how the “generational family goals” may have been used through manipulation of truth over the years. Life may not be what we have been told it has been through all the years. Our history may reflect only what we have been taught to believe.

After watching this video, you may become overwhemed with a new Awareness, creating new thoughts or ideas of the existence of what we have been told over the years. We may find our Conscious Awareness of truth becomes clearer, or we may decide to dismiss the information as purely speculative.

The Truth Is that You May Discover New Ideas of Awareness That May Shake Your Current Ideas About The World We Live In Today and The World We Thought We Knew Of Before Our Own Life Existence.

This Website is About Our Consciousness. It is our Awareness that creates a higher consciousness.

Some awareness to truth can be surprising, frightening, exciting and extremely challenging to our current understandings of our world. This can apply to our personal lives, as well as, the truth about how our world operates, what is happening today, and how the world evolved over the many, many eons of life on this planet.

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The Video Gives Us “Food For Thought”, “Food For More Research”, and

“Food For Discussion” with Others.

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Understanding our past has long been a challenge for many of us. Knowledge through a better understanding or insight into our history is what brings a better awareness of who and what has existed before.

I hope you have found this new information challenging and will do your own discovery.

Our Consciousness Does Matter and Can Affect Our Future!

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

I personally found the video very informative and plan to do further research into the information it provided.

truth, deception, awareness, consciousness, energy, magic, change

Peter R

A true patriot that believes in our Freedom and Liberty. Ready to share necessary information to keep the Constitutional form of action alive and well in our country.

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