An Important Message of Truth

important message of truth

Learning Truth from Others That Know The Truth

It is good to share an important message of truth, especially today at this time of chaos and confusion. No matter where the information comes from, or how much you trust the source, it is important for you, the individual, to do your own research.

The Internet is full of individuals that claim to have an important message of Truth.

Conscious Awareness Comes From Knowledge. When those that know the Truth are sharing information with you, it is sometimes difficult to not just “believe”. It takes research for each of us to really know if what we are being told is true.

Today we are given so much information of “truth”, that researching actually is easier, because much of the truth is being revealed by many sources. There are a lot of untruths being told us too, and that is why we must do our own research to be sure we are learning what can be called the truth. There have been many lies told to us, “We The People” for many years. So, uncovering the “real truths” can take time.

important message of truth

One thing we must be willing to accept before we start our journey to the “truth” is an open mind. Much of what I have learned has turned my world upside down. There have been many times I wish I could bury my head in the sand and not know.

Sharing Truth With You Today!

There are many people “sharing truth” with us today. One source that I trust is Stop World The information that I have found fits with the information that I have learned from many sources over the past several years. It is not easy to learn, but tells us information that we need to know and understand to protect our lives and our families future.

Watch the video on this link and consider that this letter you will learn about was written by an individual that is in a position to know the truth. This letter was written to then, President Trump. It is a letter that could easily put the individual in a very precarious situation, but that is so important, it was felt it needed to be shared.

An Important Message of Truth:

Archbischop Carlo Maria Vigano warns humanity for New World Order

Sharing this Important Message of Truth with you, may change your life. Knowledge is important. Knowledge can be shocking and may change your life. Knowledge and consciousness may also help you discover your own purpose for living on this planet today. The truth is that we all have a reason for living on this earth and finding that reason is part of the journey.

What will be your next step in Your Journey?

Knowledge and Truth will add greatly to your conscious awareness.

God has brought us here at this time of change. We are here to help with the positive changes that our earth needs to experience. We are not here to be fearful, but to lend a hand in the changes that we need to see. All of us have different talents, skills, aptitudes and abilities to add to the changes we want to see in our world. All God expects from us is to be the best living source of his creation that we can be.

Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing.

Wishing you a very happy, fruitful, long life.

Important message of truth

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