change is happening

Queen Elizabeth Dies – May She Rest In Peace

When I say “Change is Happening Everywhere” – I am talking about really big changes, as England is experiencing now. Seventy years is a long time. Can you imagine how many changes are in store for England and its people? Not to mention all of the countries that she reigned over, for 70 years.

We Have Experienced Many Changes Over The Past 2-3 Years

From toilet paper and food shortages to wearing masks, remote interviews, lockdowns, NFTS, and even Mega World.

Change is Happening Everywhere!!!

In this time of Change, we are forced to make decisions that affect our lives and others. When the magnitude of change is universal, as we have been experiencing over these past few years, our discernment is doubly important.

change is happening everywhere
We Must Make Choices With Change Called Discernment

With Change Happening Everywhere and Various Stories To Accompany These Changes, We Might Find Confusion When We Attempt To Make An Important Decision.

The following post might help you in making a decision that is the best decision that is “Right for You”

Change is happening everywhere

What is Spiritual Discernment? Its Signs and Powers Explained

I have copied some helpful information from the article for you to help with your questions. The article above offers great information for the individual seeking answers in this great time of change. Be sure to visit the website for more valuable help with learning more about Spiritual Discernment.

“How to develop spiritual discernment

When you want to become good at something, you practice using the best techniques available to you. As you practice, you become better at the skill. 

After all, practice makes perfect.

If we seek to develop spiritual discernment through the spirit of God, we need to do more than read about or visualize it; we have to get out there and do it.

It may seem a little tricky at first, but here are some ways to develop discernment. 

Ask God for it in prayer

Among the easiest ways to cultivate spiritual discernment is to have consistent communication with the Lord. When you think about it, God is the only one who can offer real spiritual discernment, so it makes perfect sense to ask for His help.

The more we ask God for help along the way, the more it becomes apparent that we can make wise decisions through the gift of discernment. Having faith in our decisions strengthens our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Because when we have faith in Him, we have faith in ourselves and vice versa.  

Spend time reading Scripture

Another easy way to develop your spiritual discernment is by reading examples of it in scripture. Occasionally, it can be hard to understand what God wants to tell us, but it becomes clearer when we study His word. 

Jesus spent most of his life making decisions about others and Himself that ultimately affected future outcomes. Jesus predicted during the Last Supper that many of His followers would eventually bring about His death. 

Another example is in John 2:13-19, when Jesus became enraged by the merchants who were selling their wares in the temple. When questioned about His authority to clear the temple, Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and I’ll raise it again in three days.”

Only after Jesus rose from the dead did His disciples realize that He really meant His own body and not the temple. 

Take time to listen

There are times when we need to sit with God and listen. This is meditative prayer. We can go for a walk and meditate on God’s word. We want to be open to what God may be saying to us through scripture, signs, and our experience. This is listening to God.

Another way is to seek spiritual counsel from those with a knowledge of God. When we seek counsel, we should do so from people who have the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to properly advise us. 

Just talking with our friends, who may not have the necessary expertise to provide sound counsel, is unlikely to always provide wise answers and good results. 

Remove feelings of judgment

Let’s be clear about one thing: discernment should not be an excuse for judging others. It’s merely a tool to help make decisions about right and wrong. 

Through discernment, we can make the best decisions in our own lives, which is why we should not judge others. While discernment may be used to make decisions about a group or movement, it doesn’t mean it should be used for judgment. 

Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7:1-2 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Important message of truth

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Wishing you many happy and wonderful changes in your life.

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