Conscious Awareness Creates Change.

How does conscious awareness happen?

Sometimes one word or sentence can “trigger something, perhaps a memory or a dream, and this awareness creates a connection within you.   Becoming more consciously aware, takes some getting used to.  It happens at some points that make something very intense become almost funny.  The truth about awakening and becoming more aware can be a very interesting time in your journey through The Awakening Experience, itself.


Conscious Awareness Creates Change
Becoming More Aware Creates New Experiences

When conscious awareness happens, we begin to see change in our thinking about our actions.
keyword Not knowing information can lead us to actions in our lives that don’t reflect our own personal integrity, because we may just fall in line with others, and what is happening around us.

 Instead of just “following what society is believing is the best path”;

knowledge adds to us making better decisions 

our thoughts create matterRecently, I shared Martha Beck’s new book information, “I Threw My Life Away”,  discussing “Integrity”, which touches on our conscious awareness of our actions.

Martha discusses how our decisions may change when we understand the truths behind many of our decisions,  which may be based on our knowledge or culture.  As the whole picture becomes clearer and clearer through our awareness and knowledge, many of our decisions may be changed.

Autism is something I know about due to my education.  In the seventies when I was teaching in an inner-city school, plus also working in a state school.  The incidence of autism was much more rare.  I was in a large school and had ten kids in my “Special Needs” class.  This class included all students labeled “Special Needs”, and I only had ten kids in my classroom, with only one student diagnosed in the Autism spectrum.  I do admit that over the years,  labels in the “Special Needs” world have also expanded,  and now the Autism Spectrum, includes many new labels that did not exist when I was teaching.  (OCD, ADHD, ODD, etc.).   However, the incidence of these problems is also much more expanded in our culture.

Another aspect that is discussed in this video is the “Big C”.  Cancer is another diagnosis that I know something about.  I grew up in oil country, Southeast Texas.  Where I grew up was once called the area of the country, that had the most incidence of Cancer in the U.S.   East Texas oil country dealt with invasive oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and poor air quality on many days due to the oil rigs in the ocean and the processing plants close by.  On a personal note, my father also used “Round Up” as a regular gardening process.  As a child, I also remember when processed , “TV dinners” began to show up on our dinner table.

It is my opinion that this video offers us very important information.  The knowledge this video provides opens our minds to the fact that it is truly up to us to find ways to make our lives better.

Getting our information given to us by those that have financial motives, has led us into a world that is troubled by diseases that are destroying our health and well being in a progressively destructive pattern.  Luckily, with truthful information, we, as a culture, have a chance to begin to change our behaviors and rid ourselves of these destructive cultural habits.  We know that big businesses and corporations are about making money, no matter “the cost of doing business”.

Our consciousness is becoming more educated, each day, when we open our minds to hear truth from those curious enough to investigate what is happening.  The solutions may be difficult, but our conscious awareness, begins speaking to our hearts.  That is when the real change happens.

There is an Awakening taking place around us.  The information is available to us, today, in order for us to better our lives.   It is not always easy, can be quite disturbing, and even disruptive to our lives to learn the truth.  However, knowledge is power when we take what we learn and discern for ourselves, whether we are adding to the problems for ourselves and for others; or if we are ready to listen to our hearts and make changes to our lives that will make a difference.  It is difficult to make new decisions for our lives, but these may be the decisions that bring about the change we want to see.

The medical profession, as we know it today,

has been based on

NOT Finding The Cure or Discovering the Cause of a problem in order to “Fix the Issue”;
but finding easy solutions that only masks the problem and offer a “quick fix”. 
I use me again, as an example. 

Since I was twenty-eight years old, I have taken thyroid medicine to maintain my thyroid function properly.  Our culture tells us to find a medical professional to prescribe medicine, take it daily, and live your life with the medicine in your medicine cabinet.  There was no talk about how diet, exercise and other changes could actually cure the problem.  This has been our culture’s answer to many of our medical problems, giving the pharmaceutical industry more income along the way and keeping us dependent upon what the doctor is telling us about our medical own conditions.   It is unfortunate, but many of our society’s problems have been addressed in the same way.

There are wonderful, service-to-others types of individuals that have joined the medical profession and are saving lives everyday and we are very grateful to these individuals for all their dedication to their service.

(Please know that I am very grateful for most of the doctors in my life, but even our higher education systems have been influenced by those with financial concerns.)

For my own personal thinking to have been only:  “take this medication for the rest of your life and it will be ok “, this shows an acceptance of normal, cultural behavior for that time period.  This is the same reasoning process for the majority of peoples’  acceptance of processed foods throughout recent history”.


We have new generations of kids coming in that are not satisfied with the maintenance pharmaceutical answers and are even looking closely at some of our other societal problems that we have accepted as “normal”. 

Knowledge is power,

Ingenuity in questioning and finding answers to solve complex problems. 

With videos such as the one we just watched, let us hope imagination and positive thoughts for our future prevail to find the answers to help us make the changes needed in our cultures to make people, happy, healthy and wise over generations to come.

Conscious Awareness Creates Change in what we do, how we accept or reject “old patterns”, and may just change our world for the better.


Always stay Curious and Never Stop Learning.  

Our world needs you—- Happy, Healthy and Loving!
conscious awareness creates chang
The time is Now!


Thanks for reading
Thanks for sharing.
D Foster and Friends

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