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March Into Awareness

Following Our Heart’s Can Propel Us Forward

I found this video very comforting in this time of change.  Listening to her description of this month, so far, I must agree that my “aha” moments have been many so far.
Astrology has never been something that I studied for very long periods.  I am finding that with the changes we are seeing today, many of the predictions seem to fit very comfortably.
If you follow the energies of the Schumann Resonance , you are aware that we have been experiencing high levels of energy hitting the earth.

Our consciousness has been leveling up.  We have been receiving strong energies to help us become more aware of the truth that we haven’t seen.  
Chaos is usually a result when there are extreme changes, but then there is a leveling out moment as we find balance.  
I believe we are all here at this time to be part of a Grand Process.  Planned by Our Creator with love for all of us considered.




Awakening to truths that have been hidden is not an easy process.  There is a letting go of many beliefs, ideas, and even connections.  Finding the answers to our questions is within us.

I hope you enjoyed this Astrology Reading.  She is very intuitive and understanding the meaning is very easy.
I hope your March into Awareness throughout the month is full of wonderful surprisesThe Venus Star Point occurs every 9 months, as Venus makes a conjunction with the Sun and is energized by the intentions and themes of that astrological sign. The last week of March 2021 brings us a rare line-up of Venus, Chiron, and the Sun all conjunct in Aries. 

Message From: Molly McCord on
Venus conjunct the Sun in Aries is a superior conjunction with Venus direct, as well as a Full Venus, meaning she is ready to move forward on something that started back in June 2020 with the last Venus Star Point in Gemini. This Venus Star Point is also related to a cycle that started in March 2017 when Venus was last conjunct the Sun in Aries.

Chiron’s presence brings in heart healing and personal needs, and opens up deeper questions around relationship themes in your life.
Do you trust feminine energies?
Do you trust masculine energies?
What parts of yourself are you seeing for the first time?
We are opening up to more of our authentic, vulnerable selves and this will shift how we interact with others. Much more to share in this podcast episode.

Thank you for watching! I appreciate all of your high vibes and what you have contributed to my new YT channel! Many blessings~~ Molly

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Enjoy – Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing.  


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