A Benefit of Remote Work – The Power of Freedom

The Power of Freedom

A Benefit of Remote Work

Remote work has been forced upon some people in 2020.  

                            Is Remote Work

         just a new opportunity for workers, whose

                             Time Has Come?


We are discovering new ways of thinking about our lives.

Remote Work has given us new ways of looking at our future.

Work is part of Life. Happiness should also be a part of our lives.

Certainly, remaining curious can add to our happiness in life.

Having our time to enjoy our moments of happiness, has sometimes been delegated to the hours we need to be sleeping. 

Working a time-driven job creates the feeling of slavery for some people.  For others, time-driven jobs work very well.

Some people are more project-driven.  For these people a remote job is an ideal way of working. 

When you are project-driven, time is unimportant.  For those people that are driven by passion, interest or curiosity, a remote job can offer the opportunity to follow their heart.

Find Ways to bring your life together.  Remote Work can offer opportunities for integrating your passions, talents and work-life together. 

Our Work system has been based on a particular pattern of progression.  The progression is very linear in nature. 

As we have been moving into this more quantum world of digital networking, our system has been changing.

Digital Nomads have been wondering around our planet, improving their lives, by following their own curiosity.

The Pandemic of 2020 has put more people into a situation of finding out more about the possibilities for their futures.

Sam Kern gives us a view of the world from his eyes.  He started a company called Upworks for Free lancers.  A glimpse at the world through his eyes, gives us a vision of creativity and a person that is curious about his life.

Finding what makes you curious, what makes you happy, what you enjoy and how you can use your talents and skills becomes more a part of your personal thinking, when you begin to visualize your life from a “remote job” view.

What can you offer the world.  Your special talents are needed today.  How can you use those talents to build your world and a better world for others around you.

Welcome to 2021 – A Year of Changes 

Thank you for reading and sharing this post.   

Debbie Foster – D Foster and Friends

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